For a limited time I am offering five premium one hour strategy sessions for just AUD$100. 

These sessions include building your strategy around PR or Marketing, having the opportunity to ask questions you've desperately wanted the answers to with a seasoned professional (I've been in the industry for over 7 years), learning strategies that will fast track your success plus so much more!

You'll walk away feeling confident and familiar with how the PR and marketing industries work, clear on your objectives that will work for you and your business and with a clear plan of attack for the next steps you'll take, to make serious impact in your business.

Each package includes digital PDF worksheets and templates for you to download and one weeks premium email support following our session.



Navigating the world of PR doesn't need to be difficult. Imagine having the tools and confidence to approach media and land placements that will get you that incredible media exposure you crave.

In the PR Power Hour we will identify what makes you newsworthy, how to create angles when you don't think you have anything to talk about, which media channels to approach and when and the best ways to approach them to secure media coverage.

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Marketing can be a tough game, you've likely tried a number of strategies and wondered why you're still not getting the leads and sales you know your business deserves. 

Working together I will show you online and offline marketing strategies that will help you amplify your business, get you seen in front of the right audience and generating the interest in your business that you've been craving for.

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What's included:

- Initial questionnaire to identify the areas I can help you best in our consultation call

- 1 hour consultation with a seasoned professional

- 1 report tailored to your business with my suggestions and advice 

- Templates and worksheets that will save you time and give you the industry know-how

- 1 week premium email support


Price: AUD$100

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"I have been self-employed as a freelance stylist for the last 6 years. Although I have been frequently busy, there have definitely been lulls in my work load. One session with Aylen, and she has helped me find ways to manage my time and my businesses productivity so that my life feels more balanced. She has helped me uncover new ways to gain exposure to potential clients, given invaluable advice for my social media portholes by making me aware of things I didn’t even know existed, and generally made me feel more confident. Most importantly, Aylen’s methods and advice have already given me the enormous motivational boost I really needed.”



“Aylen has been the kick in the pants I needed to get over some my hurdles and to start focusing more.  Working on my own all of the time I found that I was getting wrapped up in things that didn’t really matter and she helped me step back, really look at the big picture and re-focus.  Her accountability is spot on – life can get crazy sometimes but even doing the little things helps! Aylen really knows her stuff and has great ideas every time – Can’t wait to work with her more!”

- lyz plant, eco make-up artist, yogi and beauty coach AT lyzplant.com


“Recently, I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Aylen De Aranza for a 1 on 1 session to guide and educate me on the improvements I can make to help further my online following and to help launch Skincareblogger as a well-known brand in the future. 

We had a 5 hour session where we strategised and brainstormed ideas and techniques that I would benefit from. Aylen also mentioned some programs and apps that I should be using, so I don't need to transition all of my work over when I have a mass following.

We decided that I was to re-launch my brand, using a website that was more beneficial to the goals I'd like to implement in the future i.e. selling merchandise, newsletters etc. and to also make my brand more uniform. 

I came to the day with many questions prepared. I was confused about Google Analytics, I had no clue about Mailchimp, Disqus and so on. Through out the day I took notes and continued to ask questions if there were things I hadn't heard of or didn't understand, as I would say I'm not very tech savvy.  Aylen explained it all. I left our appointment motivated and with my eyes wide open, excited to make the new changes to help build my audience.

Throughout the next few days Aylen emailed me some important information that I was to fill out about myself and my brand, she also gave my a 90 day calendar which had all my goals mapped out and what days I needed to have certain things completed to help reach my overall goal. Aylen took into account that I also have a full time job and that I don't have every day free to spend on this, so my calendar was made extremely realistic to achieve my defined goals.

Overall this experience was the best thing I've done for my blogging career. I've reached my personal target of followers on Instagram. I was also contacted by brands and PR companies that I had never dealt with before. It also provided me with much needed confidence. I actually feel like a professional blogger now, with a website attracting a great audience size and an Instagram account growing close to 400 followers a week.”

- sian maggs, blogger AT skincarebogger.biz