This is a 90 program designed for the ambitious female entrepreneur who is looking to make her mark on the world.

You may already have a business or you may be interested in starting one but you're not sure where to begin.

I will help you find your zone of genius, map out a plan to create an epic strategy and guide you to creating an incredible lifestyle and business. Running a business is no easy feat, so this is for the entrepreneur that's ready to roll her sleeves up and do some intensive work to get seriously incredible results.

Some areas we may cover together:

  • identifying your zone of genius
  • monetisation and diversifying your income streams
  • setting a business structure according to your dream lifestyle
  • web design and blogging
  • social media
  • outreach strategies
  • PR liaising
  • Marketing
  • Positioning yourself as an expert within your niche





You'll fill in a questionnaire to identify the most important areas you need help with.



We'll have an initial call to discuss your goals further and discuss a plan of attack.



We will meet fortnightly on Skype to discuss what progress you've made, what improvements can be made and reflect on whether we're on track with our 90 day goals.


Price: $1200*


1 x initial questionnaire and welcome pack

6 x 60 minutes Skype session

Regular worksheets, progress checks and progress tracking

*Payment plan available


Ready to take the leap and make some serious changes in your life?